Clinical supervision and career coaching

for mental health professionals


Which one do I need?

Supervision should be a safe space for mental health professional to obtain clinical consultation, guidance and professional feedback. Many mental health professionals feel unsupported and easily burnt out by not having sufficient supervision. Cheryl is a seasoned clinician with over 15 years of experience who aims to collaborate with you to seek interventions suitable for your clients while honoring your unique style as a professional. Cheryl works with supervisees from many backgrounds, she is sensitive and inclusionary.

As your supervisor, Cheryl can assist you with a range of consultation services from selecting toys for your playroom or exploring the complexities that come along with supporting your clients. She is knowledgeable and will challenge you to deepen both your clinical skills and your confidence. And yes! Cheryl does provide play therapy supervision.

What if I don’t need supervision, but am thinking about changing up my career as a whole?

Good news! Cheryl also offers one on one career coaching for mental health professionals. Cheryl understands that many social service practitioners don’t necessarily want to stop doing the work they love, but they want to feel respected for their talents while increasing income and that’s OK! She is well versed in how to break through feeling stagnant to create a career path that leaves you feeling rejuvenated again. The choices are only as limited as your imagination. Cheryl is incredibly creative. Let Cheryl assist you in finding your next career move today.

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