Meet Cheryl Hurst

Men’s Life Coach | Professor | NYS Clinical Social Worker | Registered Play Therapist

A native New Yorker, NYS Clinical Social Worker & Men’s Life Coach.

Cheryl hurst, LCSW-R, RPT-S, is a therapist, men’s life coach, Registered play therapist supervisor, university lecturer, a dynamic speaker and let’s not forget- a toy expert extraordinaire. Get To know her.


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What on earth do toys, mental health and men have to do with each other?

Well, that’s the thing, we need them ALL in our lives! To be healthy, we need the freedom to see ourselves as playful, often playful young boys grow into men fearful of seeking help to be their best selves. Cheryl encourages men to find that playful side of themselves again to be able to set and reach their goals.

Cheryl’s incredible 15 year career working with men in mental health settings, coaching sessions, and as fathers, gives her unique insights on the importance of sustaining great mental health through play, heartfelt connections and self care. Cheryl urges men to break through stigmas that prevent them from fully participating in their lives. She encourages men to stay present and yes to be playful too! Cheryl recognizes that men are more than just muscles. Men lose their way sometimes but with courage to take a risk, re-calibrating is always within reach.

Cheryl provides consultation to new and seasoned mental health professionals, life coaching to men (and fathers too) to create lives they hope for. She is committed to contributing to the mental health field through teaching, training & mentoring professionals & graduate students. She has launched the first Quarterly Play Therapy Subscription Box that gives busy mental health professionals a break from hunting for play therapy toys to focus on staying connected to the therapeutic relationships.

Because of her career as a psychotherapist and play therapist, Cheryl holds a profound knowledge of the power of how toys and games can help children suffering from trauma, anxiety, sadness, loss, developmental delays and chronic illness, if given the a nurturing environment. Cheryl brings a wealth of information to the toy development room. She is eager to work with your company’s toy development process to promote wellness & well being for children and youth. Hire Cheryl to consult on your toy company board today, you won’t regret it!


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